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Family First

Lovelies, I ask for you all to be a little bit more patient for me. I am still working on Chloe but my family comes first. Positive thoughts for my mother <3 Here is the post I made on my mothers Facebook page explaining the situation... Hello to my Mother’s Ladies, its Sarah Brianne here. I think most of you all know me as Jamie Begley’s daughter by now and I come to you with some unfortunate news. First off I want you all to know my mother is okay, so deep breathes everyone. I know how much she means to all of you because she means the world to me. However, Monday night she had fallen ill. There has been some health issues for her the past year but these health issues have recently turned very, very serious. I say this with deep sadness in my heart, but it will be at least a few months before mom can attempt to continue her books. I know mothers words has touched all of us, me especially, and it will be hard not to see her next book out in a month or two. However, I know her health and well being means more to us. For the time being we will have all the other books she has graced us with so far and I’m sure we will do many re-reads or get to the ones we haven’t read yet. I will be taking over her Facebook for a bit but don’t worry she is right beside me and I’m relaying everything to her. Any prayers, well wishes, laughs, and words of encouragement are graciously accepted to keep her spirit high. Supporting my mother during this time will bring back her health much faster knowing she is enormously loved. She asks me to tell you Ladies, don’t worry and to have a wonderful happy holidays. I can promise you all that my brother and I are taking great care of our precious woman, and her health has my full attention. Much love from us both, Sarah and Jamie



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